How to Make Anti Gravity Water Drops Backflow Machine 2024


 Anti Gravity Humidifier Water Drop Backflow Aromatherapy Machine 2024

What is Anti Gravity Humidifier Water? It is a very good gadget full of technology. It is a good option for beautiful and decorative decoration and a good fragrance. There are other gadgets in the world but this one is something different and full of advanced technology. 75% people in the world liked itThe phenomenon of gravity-defying water drops results in a captivating display that challenges our traditional understanding of gravity. This mesmerizing experiment involves manipulating water droplets to defy the laws of physics, creating a breathtaking sight

This is an electronic gadget and a good option to beautify your home and office. Anti gravity Humidifier Water

The anti-gravity effect created by water fountain lamps is an optical illusion. Shining LED lights close to the frequency of ejecting water droplets creates a stroboscopic effect, and makes it appear to us that the water droplets are flying or moving upward.

Let's talk about its fitters.

anti gravity humidifier how does it work,

By reducing the frequency of the light flickering slightly, the water droplets appear to be falling slowly. Slightly increase the flickering frequency, and people will see that the water droplets illuminated by the light are at higher and higher positions,

Material: Absolutely

It is considered a good material and according to plastic

power of protection 4 hours

In this you get 4 hours of battery backup.

ultrasonic fine mist

It converts water into mist and gas. It has EAC heating iron and motor fixed in it which converts water into gas.

New technology drop back

Crystel drop of water swam upstream

With new technology, some drops of water move upwards. It is very fascinating to see this. A small motor pulls the water upwards.

Voltage: 5V

Fog volume: 50-80ml/h

It also has a lovely sound which attracts you. beautiful and pleasant

Capacity: 500ml

Talking about its weight, you get it in 500ml.

Charging Type-C USB cable

Talking about its charging, you also get a type-c USB cable or a beautiful adopter.

neutral color box

Product size: 133*133*220mm

Packing size: 136*136*228mm

Product gross/net weight: 650/600g

Carton size:418*418**480mm

Creates a Warm & Romantic Environment , Great Gift, Candle Light Style, Quiet, Best Gifting Option.
Just few Drops of Essential Oil, Brings you Relaxation & Makes you Feel Comfortable.

This test, however astonishingly true, rules out the wonders of the restlessness of the ground and has the ability to trace the influence of our gravity. As mechanical genius lovers and curious personalities collaborate in such analyses, they contribute not only to their own knowledge but also to the much larger international field of medical research and revelation.

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