Is Sleeping With Headphones On Dad For You? Body Health Safety


 Do you know what happens if you sleep wearing headphones and earbuds

Hello. An Australian health general conducted a survey in which it was seen what percentage of people in the world are there who sleep listening to music. The survey study was reported in which it was found that the habits of people listening to portable music were examined.

Researchers listened for a long time at a medium sound level, and conducted many experiments to find out what the sensitivity of our ears is and how much pressure we can put on it. Consider that a person's sensitivity is 10%. And if he gives more than 50% of his capacity to his ears every day, then this is a problem.

There are still more than 10% people in the world who fall asleep while listening to music at night.

Headphones or earbuds both cause harm to ears.

headphone earbud. when and how did it come

Headphone is a very amazing technology for those who listen to music: Some time ago, when headphones were not invented, people used to listen to music through headphones, but due to changing times and changing technology, headphones were invented and it became such that This should be limited to only one person. Earlier there was a lot of problem in listening to music from the speaker. Privacy was not private but ever since the era of headphones and earbuds came, people's privacy started being private but But some problems started creating like People get used to it. And more and more people started using it Started spending more and more time with headphones. Like playing games with headphones in your ears. Listened to music. watch the video. Talking on call.Voice record. and others. In today's era, headphones have become an important part of life...

questions and answers

(1) what happens if you sleep with earphones in?

Sleeping with headphones on does not give you a good night's sleep and causes headaches, blood pressure becomes high, and causes some diseases in the body

(2) how to use headphones while sleeping?

.Avoid Noise-Cancelling Features. It's not safe to wear noise-canceling headphones or earbuds in case of an emergency.

Use headphones while sleeping.

Listen to music while working.

Some time before sleeping, remove the headphones from your ears and sleep.

Do not use headphones that cause ear pain

(3) how to sleep with headphones on side?

 If you are a side sleeper and wear earbuds then choose the right method. Like

You should use a soft pillow.

Which doesn't prick your ear buds.

Use your voice.

Remove your earbuds before going to sleep

Keeping all these things in mind, we have brought for you

Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphone: This sleep headphone is made of amazing technology and helps you sleep.

It is made with Bluetooth

with wireless eye mask

with two small speakers

Sleep Headphones are a new technology, wearing them while sleeping gives you a good sleep.

And it protects you from all ear diseases.

It has an eye mask and two speakers

With amazing technology including wireless Bluetooth.You get.

You can sleep better by wearing this

And sleeping early is too much.

  1. There is a special technology in it, as soon as you fall asleep, it automatically closes.

Due to which you have a chance of getting any kind of heart or mental disease.

2 You can also use it in sleep travel

3 You can also use it in yoga

  This is a very good gadget in all respects.

4 It also helps you get rid of the habit of sleeping with earbuds in your ears.

5 Makes you feel relaxed and refreshed

This product should be used by all those people who have the habit of sleeping wearing headphones or earbuds.

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