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Some ways to connect Vivint to Apple HomeKit : Gadgets Guide

Vivint is a company that makes its own electronic smart home devices.
And which provides people with a smart control home security.
In Vivint devices, you get all the features that are called a smart home control system, wifi, bluetooth, video recorder, camera, sensor, software connectivity, thermostat, lighting, security system, fully control system and much more.
With the help of which you make your home a smart home. Vivint has its own software, app which you can connect to your smart phone, that is, Apple phone. And can also connect to other devices. Vivint gives a connecting cord with each of its products. Which you can also connect to your Apple phone. Vivint comes with you with HomeKit features.

There are a few ways to seamlessly connect Vivint to HomeKit.

1 Anomak: Through the app.

The Anomak app is the recommended solution for those who are new to smart home technology or are having trouble with home technology.

* Visit your Apple Store and download the Anomak app.

* Open the Anomak app.

* Search for Vivint. Homebridge: Add software for Vivint and HomeKit

* Homebridge is the software that connects the two.

* Download and setup the Homebridge app and search for 'Vivint Plugin' and install it.

This will allow you to connect any Vivint gadget to Apple HomeKit.

* Homebridge is the software that connects the two. Vivint can be connected to HomeKit.

How to connect Vivint Home Kit to Hoobs box,

* Connect the HOOBS device to the home network via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Set up your account on the Hoobs app.

* Add the HOOBS device to the Home app using the ‘Add Accessory’ option.
In the Plugin section, search for ‘homebridge-vivint’ and install it.
Configure the plugin with your Vivint credentials by copying and pasting the provided code.

* Start the HOOBS device. Make all the settings correct. Then check that the Vivint product will now appear in the HomeKit app.

By following all these techniques, users can connect Vivint devices to Apple HomeKit.

* You can improve your smart home experience by connecting to Siri and Apple devices

*Vivint: The gadget can be paired with Apple HomeKit. However, native integration is not available.

To connect Vivint and Apple HomeKit, you need to use the Homebridge software. It facilitates the connection between Vivint smart home devices and HomeKit. Vivint offers a wide range of home automation solutions

1 What features do smart homes provide?

What are the features available in a smart home?

Yes, smart home gives you the following features:

1. If you are out of your house for some time and you forgot to turn off the lights of your room. It allows you to operate your room settings from anywhere.

2. If you are in your room and someone comes outside your main door and you are busy in some work, then you can control your door with Vivint security system.

Smart security devices like smart locks, motion sensors, and security cameras keep you safe. Smart lights, plugs, and thermostats are also included.

Also, features like routines and voice commands make your life easier. You can easily control it and give voice commands as well.

What is a smart home?

We call a smart home that in which you get all the facilities that a smart home should have. Every device gadget that works on your command. It works on your voice command at your set time. We can call that a smart home that you can fully control.
* For home: You can set the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the house according to the day and time.
* You can also set the smart home light according to your day and time.

And you can control other home devices with your voice.

You can control your smart home device gadgets with the help of app, central hub, remote control, switch or even with voice command.

*Some new smart devices also use artificial intelligence to learn your patterns and provide seamless service.

Popular Vivint devices for home

We have listed some of the popular Vivint devices that can be controlled using your Apple HomeKit  

Vivint Doorbell,

The doorbell camera keeps an eye on your valuables and adjusts the sound of the bell. This smart device also has a ringing sensor feature that sounds an alarm in case of any unusual activity, keeps an eye on people coming and going and gives you information. It helps in making your house a smart home. And you can also control it from your cellphone

2  Vivint outdoor Camera, 

Vivint outdoor Camera: In this smart camera device, you get all the features that are required for a smart home. This smart camera uses a technology that we call artificial intelligence technology.
This camera is packed with many features like scanner lens, range sensor, camera lens, light, photo and video recorder, WiFi connectivity, speaker, strong memory and much more.
The specialty of this camera is:

* It sees you.
* It scans you. And identifies you. It matches you in its memory and gives you permission only after matching.
* It reads things and saves you in its memory.
* Advanced technology has been used in this camera.
You can command this camera with your voice and your phone.
It gives a fully controlled security system, it helps you to build a smart home.

3 Vivint Smart Door Lock and Electric Door Lock: 

It gives you a reliable security protection. Every technology is used inside this lock that helps you to build a smart home.

* WiFi with internet connectivity
* Security key
* Camera and sensor commands
* Voice commands
* Cellphone control
* Finger commands. Fully controlled system. And much more

Vivint Smart Door Lock gives the features that are in a smart home

For security, even if you are away from your home, you can command and control this lock from your phone. It gets locked due to wrong activity. Artificial intelligence technology is also used in this lock.

4 Smart Smoke Alarm:

Vivint Smart Smoke Alarm provides security to your life and mall. In case of smoke or fire in home or office, it alerts you through its alarm voice.

Its advanced sensor detects fire in the house and alerts you through its alarm.

* This smart smoke alarm uses technology that detects if there is a fire in the house or not.

* Sensor technology,
* Auto control system,
* Alarm bell
And much more,
This smart smoke alarm helps you to build a smart home. It is an electronic device

5 Vivint key fob: 

Today in this era of technology, everything is getting advanced. Car is an expensive and comfortable vehicle. People are more interested in expensive cars and every person wants that his privacy should be safe. And keeping all these things in mind, today all car companies are making their cars smart. Without a smart car key, it is not possible to make a car smart.
Today you get a smart key in all expensive cars.
Smart car key
* Auto chargeable key
* Range sensor connectivity
* Lock and unlock button
* Informative bulb
* Perfect smart security system and much more
Today such advanced technology is being used in most of the cars which makes you smart.
Smart key fob helps to make you smart

                       Add any Vivint devices to HomeKit

Download Homebridge:  Homebridge software from

*Access Plugins
* full setup

*Once Homebridge is installed, you can control your Vivint device via Siri or any Apple mobile device 

*Which makes it easy to control the connected device with Siri voice commands or the Apple Home app. Setting up the Vivint device with HomeKit is a straightforward process, 

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